About Us

Our STANDPOINT is: Make Every Cup Exceptional

 What happens when a bean counter, a coffee guru, and a bean whisperer get together? They create a new type of coffee roasting business. One that is free of distraction, marketing hype and adjectives. A company that is 100% coffee drinker centric, focused on sourcing coffee beans from the best coffee growing regions of the world, micro-batch roasting the beans on order, and shipping them directly to coffee drinkers.

 The best coffees are produced in mountain region close to the equator. We limited our supply region between latitudes 15°N and 15°S. Here the coffee producers in Central America say – siempre primavera – it is always Spring. It is the ideal climatic region for coffee to grow. Coffee does grow outside this ideal band, but the bean quality is sub-par to mountain Arabicas from Equatorial regions.

 Every aspect of our business was deconstructed and re-constructed to its bare essential form. We did this to minimize costs at every step, and what we were left with was a business with 3 core elements:

1) Source coffee beans from the best growing regions of the world.

2) Micro-batch roast the coffee beans separately before crafting exceptional coffees.

3) Ship the coffee, freshly roasted, directly to coffee drinkers.

 What we found was we can supply exceptional, freshly roasted, and delivered coffee at prices comparable to retail.

 It’s become our battle cry – to educate coffee drinkers on the difference between freshly roasted coffee, and store coffee that’s been languishing in warehouses and on retail shelves. Not only have those coffees gone stale, but they consist mostly of low quality filler beans, wrapped in clever packaging covered with hollow adjectives.

 Try our coffee and taste the difference. Our sincere hope is you will also discover pleasure of drinking freshly roasted coffee.

 The Team – STANDPOINT Coffee Company.