Social Responsibility

Our coffees are sourced from some of the most remote coffee producing regions. We focus on high-altitude equatorial mountain regions above 4000 Ft (1200 masl) where the best coffee beans are produced. Here farming is done on small scale and by hand. Very few processes are mechanized, and it is common to see the coffee mill turned by hand. Some regions even lack proper road infrastructure to transport the coffee beans for export.

These countries have a history of political instability, and by enjoying our coffee, you are directly helping a small holding farmer, their family and community. 

 Responsible sourcing is not without its challenges. Every country is different, and no single strategy can be applied. We believe by developing the market for these exceptional coffees, we are able to help the farmers strengthen their families and the surrounding communities and provide a means to live sustainable lives.

 When possible, we source Fairtrade Certified coffee, but in some cases our farmers have not been certified due to a lack of organization. We feel it is important to support them and give them an opportunity to grow and develop the infrastructure for Fairtrade Certification.

Women play an integral part in the community development of these regions. The International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA), through chapters in many coffee producing companies empower women and work together to solve issues and advance socially and economically. 

We believe it's a win-win formula. Enjoy exceptional coffee and make an impact in the lives of people in these developing regions.