Exceptional Organic Coffee

 We set out to create a different type of coffee roasting business. One that is 100% coffee drinker centric, focused on sourcing organic coffee beans from the best coffee growing regions of the world & micro-batch roasting to order ensuring freshly roasted beans at their best.


The best coffees are produced in mountain regions close to the equator.

We limited our supply region between latitudes 15°N and 15°S. Here the coffee producers in Central America say –   Siempre Primavera – it is always Spring. It is the ideal climatic conditions for coffee to grow.


 Every aspect of our business was constructed to optimize 3 core elements:

  1. Source coffee beans from the best growing regions of the world above 4000 Ft.
  2. Micro-batch roast the coffee beans separately before crafting exceptional coffees.
  3. Offer freshly roasted coffee to discerning coffee drinkers.

 The 3 elements together are the difference between great coffee and exceptional coffee.