Colombia, Laguna, San Andres - Red Honey Processed

Featured: September 2018

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Colombia, Laguna, San Andres - Red Honey Processed
Colombia, Laguna, San Andres - Red Honey Processed

Limited Release - Red Honey Processed 

This is a small release of red honey processed as a test instead of the typical washed. We believe it is a success and expect to see more from them in the future.

Origin:                     Colombia

Region:                   Laguna, San Andres, Santander

Altitude:                   5900 Ft ( 1800 masl)

Varieties:                 Bourbon, Colombia 6

Processing:             Red Honey

Roasting Level:       Medium

Fragrance:              Some cherry sweetness and earthy aged oak

Aroma:                    Notes of milk chocolate and almond with some light tartness (cranberry)

Tasting Notes:        

An excellent Colombian coffee to start with. The honey process highlights the acidity for a very rich bodied coffee with a good acidic balance. Strong milk chocolate flavor with slight caramel notes makes this a very special Colombian.

The beans are from a farm in a beautiful location above Laguna near San Andres, Santander. Here they produce the Colombia 6 Bourbon variety that is locally called "cocolyo morado” because of bronze color of new shoots. The black volcanic soil and high altitudes further deepens the flavors and aromas.

We are hand roasting these beans to order in 10lb batches.